Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Andre 3000: Be My Valentine

Remember how awesome Outkast was? Every year on February 14th this song gets stuck in my head. Andre 3000 is stiff competition for Morgan Freeman. Happy Valentines Day!

Speaking of Andre 3000, I looked into what he's doing now, and can't wait for February 23rd. Andre 3000 is doing a collab with Gorillaz and LCD soundsytem for a new Converse line. The campaign is "Three Artists, One Song" and DoYaTHing is that song. Not to mention it will be available for free on the Converse website! Hooray Free Music!

So Looking Forward To This.

Andre also just dropped this remix of Jeezy's "I Do" with Drake and Jay-Z. I hope this is the start of an epic tour! 

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