Thursday, August 30, 2012

Angel Haze

Vice always has it covered. This article led me to Angel Haze, the newest man eater to emerge from Brooklyn. With razor sharp tongue that could take down many of the leading ladies of hip hop, Haze is slashing beats with clean cuts and crisp lines. New York, her first official video, comes hard and leaves no room for question. The step beat and haunting hums deliver her message clearly: be intimidated.

Off the new mixtape, Reservation


Griz drops his new album September 4th, and his latest release Smash The Funk is bringing the hype. If you love ethereal electronic, explicit hip hop influence, and beats that totally absorb you, this is for you. Add a little dubstep and "get on the floor if you got that booty." Add a sax solo at 4 minutes lose your mind in a sea of funk. No further additions necessary. I cannot wait for this to go live at Northcoast weekend.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Azealia Banks is putting every female in the rap game to shame. She's smart, sexy, and her distinct beats make her my new Missy Elliott, with a pretty girl swag that's contagious. Electronic undertones and a clear 90's influence cater to the generation on the rise and the result is a track with something for the boss chick in everyone.

Perth (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

The Polish Ambassador is slowly building a solid base for a comeback of the slower electronic style that has been crushed by subs and a hearty dose of hype. Chill and calm, the remix adds depth to Bon Ivers signature hollow sound. Like an electronic lullaby, it will lull your ringing ears to sleep. Happy recovery!

I Am Your Leader

Nicki Minaj will always be on my list of favorites. Sure, she's crazy, but she is an inspiring example of confidence and the need to take risks. Ramble ramble, girl power, you know the deal. The point is, you still can't knock her. Even if you hate her sound, you know the bitch has balls and that's admirable. With Rick Ross and Cam'ron on her team, the beat is squeaky clean and ready for a remix that's as crazy as the funhouse in this video.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Her Song

Machine Gun Kelly is one of my favorite people right now because of his range of taste. Let's face it, being a white rapper isn't that easy. MGK is loved by so many because he doesn't try too hard to defeat those preconceptions, he takes the music to his own interpretation. This track, Her Song, is a little more sentimental than most people would expect MGK to go. Gotta love surprises, and this mellow love song is full of them.


Milwaukee's own Knuckle Children teamed up with Bro Safari for a trap banger that just goes up and up. A nice little drum step with a rising beat will get have all the ladies face down, ass up. Simple and clean, yet so, so dirty. Getchya freak on.


Manhattan Clique finally did it, my Call Me Maybe remix. Manhattan Clique has a great pop presence, and have worked with big names from Moby to Lady Gaga. Adding elements of house and an intro that's a little disco, this is a perfect mix for the club. The orchestra is a great compliment for this slightly dub, slightly 80's, drastically awesome remix.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Cat Steps

Little Cat Steps, the new Feed Me track for mau5trap Records, does not sound anything at all like little cat steps. The little steps may be those of Feed Me into deadmau5 territory, with a slightly less heavy sound that pumps up like stilettos. The middle ground between house and dubstep is filling up with new material, and I have an insatiable appetite. Feed me!

Carnival Mix 2012

Major Lazer has done it again. This compilation mashes up reggaeton, dancehall, moomba, drum and bass, and all the Latin fire you could ever hope for into an hour of bumpin' twang. Cartoonish sounds add to the fun of it all, balancing the public service announcement thrown into the beginning of the mix. "Every mudda-fuckin-body is a DJ. I came home yesterday... my fuckin dog was DJ'ing." But hey, I'd probably be down to rage with Diplo's dog, why not.

Bassnectar's European Vacation Mix

Bassnectar, who is gaining near-deity status in the US dubstep world, is finally taking his tour to Europe. This summer mix, released via Mixmag, highlights his best new songs. Europeans don't stand a chance, it's time to embrace the American way. Taste the nectar!

1. Si Begg - Intro
2. Random Rab - Beethoven's Filth
3. Bassnectar - The Matrix ft D.U.S.T.
4. Modeselektor & Ninjaman - "Weed Wid da Macka" (Bassnectar Remix)
5. Metrik - Your World (Bassnectar Remix)
6. Bassnectar - Ugly ft Amp Live
7. Bill Posters & Deckscar - Face Off (Bassnectar Remix)
8. Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy ft Seasunz (aca)
9. Bassnectar - Vava Voom ft Lupe Fiasco (Bassnectar Remix)
10. Run DMT - Sugarcube (Bassnectar Remixxx)

Express Yourself

This song was released May 7. So, why have I not heard it? Classic NWA, Express Yourself was a single on Straight Outta Compton back in the 80's when Hip Hop was at its finest. It was the best time for rap because heavy horns, simple drum kits, and poetic rhymes were everywhere, along with throwback samples like this one that everyone has a spot in their heart for. Labrinth has used his unique vocals, swingy and full of raspy raw emotion, to bring back the positivity. He tweaked the horns and added an electronic backing track that gives us a happy new twist to an old favorite.

Gramatik vs. The Beatles

Don't Let Me Down has always been a favorite among the most sincere tracks of The Beatles. Originally a heart felt ballad about a new romance, Gramatik has revived the track to include a funky bassline and a groovy instrumental that takes this sweet little love song to sexy new heights. A perfect remix choice for the soulful artist that has never let me down.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix)

I'm not sure if there is any reason for Ellie Goulding to avoid becoming a full blown dubstep artist: she has a light falsetto voice, a pretty face that isn't afraid to get ugly, and she is or was dating Skrillex. As soon as she releases a new track, DJ's and producers everywhere jump at the remix. Minnesota shared this one, brought to you by LA's Sound Remedy, whose name is surprisingly well suited. Feeling under the weather from Ellie's less-than-basstastic yet unavoidably catchy tunes? Here's your remedy!

Rattle- Luminox Remix

Rattle, originally by Bingo Players, was basically on repeat at every festival this summer. Referred to as one of his "secret weapons," Luminox released his remix that brought the catchy bassline to destructive heights. Funky and poppin, the beat is a certified crowd bouncer. Add a nice little huff from Rick Ross and the swag gets cranked up to 11. You won't stop gettin' it as long as this song is on repeat.

Dancing In My Head (Avicii's Been Cursed Remix)

Avicii makes happy house anthems like nobody's business. Reworking his track with Eric Turner, all the heartstring-tugging, dance-jumping, light-flashing qualities are amplified for the remix. It's crazy that Levels only came out a year ago, and the next year will bring even more electronic bliss for the DDR generation (unfortunately,yes, that's us).

The Beast

Sweden does it again! This time birthing Albin Myers, a progressive house DJ that takes the bass lower than Deadmau5 but never quite drops it. Given credit by pro's like Avicii and Tiesto, he builds a beat that's heavy and raw. With urban techno sounds and a drum-and-bass tempo that will unleash your inner beast, this track is irresistible. I'm really hoping for a comeback of the Prodigy "Smack My Bitch Up" style, with a single line to shout between throw downs. The kind of songs that make you pretend you're in a car chase when you're driving. "Check out this one, the beat is dropping."

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Settle Down Major Lazer Remix

Don't just skip to the middle on this song, it will sound all wrong. Some things were meant to be heard as a whole, and this is one of those things. At first hesitant towards the squeaky rubber pops in the chorus, the masters of moombahton Major Lazer found a way to ease my nerves with the intro. Something about Major Lazer just makes me want to stomp in place, stepping to the whistles and drums like a member of a fist pumping urban tribe. I'm glad they were the first to tackle this remix, and I hope more artists take on the challenge.


Jack Beats just released an EP with OWSLA, and this track with Dillon Francis is a perfect single. The title, Epidemic, pretty much says it all. From the piano to the wobbling bass, the beat will take towns over like the plague. I don't know how to describe the sound, it shares qualities from Zeds Klassroom mix. All I can think to say is that it's just satisfying, like plucking the string on a bass guitar and letting it carry until the vibration stops.

The remixes are also plentiful, my favorite being that of Shutterbug by Big Boi.

Also, anyone who goes after Beyonce on a remix instantly gets my vote. Countdown!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Lollapalooza this past weekend shed light on something I never thought would be a problem: there are too many DJ's playing my favorite beats. I love them, but the repetition is going to dull the excitement faster than I want it to. The Original Don Remix by Flosstradamus is starting to play in all my dreams. So, I decided to make a list of my most underrated dubstep bangers that I'd like to hear dropped by the big guys.

1. Aj Hernz, Snapback Swag- Crizzly Remix

This song starts off slow, with a poppin beat ready for a rap to come in. Instead, you get a crunchy bassline that rolls through each tone perfectly, like a single melodic drop.

2. Flight Facilities, Crave You- Adventure Club Remix

I've never heard this song except for when Adventure Club themselves It's probably because this song is almost too good, but nobody plays with it. I'd like to see where else this drop can go.

3. Whatever this is.

I'm not sure who made this remix of Blur's Song 2, but the fun house wubs aren't like anything else that I've heard. Maybe it was youtube user Richsaysrawr, but either way I love the sound.

4. Deletah, Space Mountain

My Milwaukee boys are better than the big leagues, and this drop outrages a lot of the most famous wubasaurus rexes.

5. Everything Afrojack, Amsterdam vs. The Partysquad in particular.

6. Calvin Harris, Awooga

This song pops up from time to time, but has yet to be abused the way I want it to be. The pang of the bass is an unusually satisfying sound.

7. Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe

It's not just because I'm a troller at heart, this song is awesome and you know it. You pray it comes home in traffic on the way home from work so that all you macho men can sing along in private (or so you think). The string section is so catchy, I want a remix dammit, screw the haters. I think they're scared of how good it is, but there's no reason to fight it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Retro City

Adventure Club is the model. A girly vocal, dazy synthy elements, and right when you feel like you're about to float away, you get drop kicked. Their sound is entirely unique (when it's Adventure Club you just know) but their production is textbook. It's both romantic and aggressive woven together in one great release. If I were in Pleasantville, this would be the sound of breaking away and into the color (watch it).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson is on everyones watch list, absolutely hoarding the faces of of EDM lovers from around the world. This summer anthem Language is beautiful, soaring across a starscape of deep rooted house requirements. It touches a soft spot, lifting us up, and inspiring nostalgic reflection for all the songs we've heard before that made us feel exactly the same way. We chase that feeling from track to track as the music revives us. That's what separates the masters from the minions, it's separating the creators from the experiencers. Knowing when to talk, and when to forget everything and just listen. It's the language of the movement.

Star Slinger

Going through the Lollapalooza acts for the weekend brought me to Star Slinger, a UK based producer that only just popped into the scene in the last few years. The above track, Mornin', is sure to raise a little sun. Heavy hip hop beats accentuate the soulful throwback hook. The chorus sounds like the sultry daughter of Jackson 5 and Passion Pit. Below, the new "refix" of You're So by Bondax has the mentality of a house anthem, but takes a turn for the low key. A little light, a little love, a little 90's...yup, that's a hit.