Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Lollapalooza this past weekend shed light on something I never thought would be a problem: there are too many DJ's playing my favorite beats. I love them, but the repetition is going to dull the excitement faster than I want it to. The Original Don Remix by Flosstradamus is starting to play in all my dreams. So, I decided to make a list of my most underrated dubstep bangers that I'd like to hear dropped by the big guys.

1. Aj Hernz, Snapback Swag- Crizzly Remix

This song starts off slow, with a poppin beat ready for a rap to come in. Instead, you get a crunchy bassline that rolls through each tone perfectly, like a single melodic drop.

2. Flight Facilities, Crave You- Adventure Club Remix

I've never heard this song except for when Adventure Club themselves It's probably because this song is almost too good, but nobody plays with it. I'd like to see where else this drop can go.

3. Whatever this is.

I'm not sure who made this remix of Blur's Song 2, but the fun house wubs aren't like anything else that I've heard. Maybe it was youtube user Richsaysrawr, but either way I love the sound.

4. Deletah, Space Mountain

My Milwaukee boys are better than the big leagues, and this drop outrages a lot of the most famous wubasaurus rexes.

5. Everything Afrojack, Amsterdam vs. The Partysquad in particular.

6. Calvin Harris, Awooga

This song pops up from time to time, but has yet to be abused the way I want it to be. The pang of the bass is an unusually satisfying sound.

7. Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe

It's not just because I'm a troller at heart, this song is awesome and you know it. You pray it comes home in traffic on the way home from work so that all you macho men can sing along in private (or so you think). The string section is so catchy, I want a remix dammit, screw the haters. I think they're scared of how good it is, but there's no reason to fight it.

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