Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Climax (Paper Diamond Remix)

Although the original Climax produced by Diplo with vocals from Usher was fine for radio, Paper Diamond gave it the "oomph" it needed to be embraced by the EDM world. Taking a unique twist, Paper Diamond used a slowed down moomba beat to bring out the sensualness of the track while still making it more dance-friendly. He's really perfected an individual style with this one, so indulge.

Fools Gold Clubhouse

A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, the founders of the Fools Gold label, have started Fools Gold Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is (or is going to be) a series of compilations put out by A-track and Catchdubs to give their perspective and input on the hottest new tracks. Taking a Mad Decent approach, the operation will also include a worldwide concert series.

Although slightly slow to build, the first track really takes off at 2:18 with a pop-y beat aching for a remix. It only goes up, but could use a drop or two. Still, the track is a super fun dance track that serves as a perfect intro for the compilation as a whole. The rest of the tracks have a strong late-90's feel, drawing a lot of inspiration from latin fire, echoey synth, and light bell-like beats.

Starry Eyed Remix

The Joker is no joke. I'm so hilarious sometimes. But seriously, as remixes of Ellie Goulding grow boring, British dj The Joker takes the standard heavy warp down a few notches to straight sexy. Flowing synth notes wind through the drum kick bass, highlighting Goulding's vocals perfectly. Made for cruising, it'll chill you out, wind you down, and get you into a funky groove that you won't be able to resist.

Rock Steady

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo A.K.A. The Bloody Beetroots dropkicks his way into summer with this headbanging rock-electro banger. Carrying the same epic riff influence that was so often embraced by Daft Punk, Rock steady is a revival of that heavy musical-techno era. It's explosive, like a sawed off shotgun spitting elements of grunge, electronic, and house straight into your heart like a space age rock symphony.

We Are The Sun

Big Gigantic, building hype for their sure-to-be-epic closing performance at Electric Forest this weekend, released an epic new remix of Savoy's original track. We Are The Sun is a crowd hyper, with epic drops and a truly dubstep sound. Big G, usually throwing wailing sax hooks, takes a new route with a snappy snare pick up before the wub attacks. At 1:50 it takes a turn for the house using an galactic synthy melody to get you raging before the snare takes you back into the drop. Can't wait to see this hit The Forest.

Friday, June 22, 2012

From Here

Deletah has finally released their first full album, From Here. Featuring songs we already know like Fire Dance and Candy Air, the album is a refined glimpse at the capabilities of these two DJ's. The showcase was produced with impeccable taste and exhuberant passion; truly an ideal debut. Born into a mess of feeble attempts by fanatics that think it's easy, Deletah has been making their name in the Dubstep/EDM world with an individual style and an undeniable talent. I just can't show enough support, good people deserve good things in their lives. Listen to Deletah.

Don't miss their live show tonight at The Miramar in Milwaukee, tickets still available online or through me. Stay tuned for more updates and concert schedules!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spring Awakening

(Video cred to Huge Party Chicago)

Flux Pavillion is a classic name among the dubstep masters. The lineup on Saturday was stacked, and left him playing a competitive timeslot with Diplo and Hardwell. Despite the amazing party that was the Diplo crowd, Flux is a legend and simply couldn't be missed. It was absolutely worth it, his fresh remastering of I Can't Stop had the crowd going insane. A lot of the live video's of Flux that are available are lackluster, but this is just the reassurance you need. SEE FLUX PAVILLION.

(Video credit is not due to me)

Afrojack killed it on the last night of Spring Awakening at Soldier Filed in Chicago. This epic mix of Goyte's Somebody That I Used to Know got the entire crowd singing. Although Skrillex blew us all away for the rain dance of the century, Afrojack was the perfect grand finale. There is nothing on earth that can beat that end-of-the-festival euphoria, when every member of the crowd, dirty, sweaty, and exhausted, continues to rage through that last song together before basically dropping to sleep for the next two days. Afrojack gave us tracks worth the wait.

Despite a failed video hunt, I also have to mention that Datsik was one of my favorite acts of the weekend. He dropped hip hop anthems like Jay-z and Kanye's N****s in Paris, Snoop's Gin and Juice, and Get it On The Floor by DMX. He is the only person I've witnessed that truly mastered the dubstep-rap combo without sounding like a desperate effort. Check him out again at Electric Forest next weekend! Green Velvet AKA Curtis jones AKA Cajmere also killed it, bringing intense soul with his live vocalist.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hell Yeah!

The video for Tiesto and Showtek's track Hell Yeah! was released today and the epic club anthem is just another to add to Tiesto's list of hits. Showtek has a similar sound, bringing the house to max levels. Another track of theirs, Slow Down, does anything but. Get your fest on.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunshine Rmx

Matisyahu is currently hosting a competition to give an up and coming DJ an official release. The contest is to remix his reggae track, Sunshine. Many entries have been posted, but I definitely found this Under Construction Rmx to be the best of the EDM remixes. It uses a synthy intro and combines that with the original reggae track to make a dubstep remix with a great caribbean sound.

Dj Xangaii appears to be producing under two names, Paranormal Attack and Under Construction. Despite efforts to learn more, the portugeuse DJ has yet to translate his website for an english speaking follower.

The only english I recognized on Paranormal Attack's Wikipedia page was "psycho music." I'll take it.

Check out the contest here to vote for this or another remix!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jay-Z Interview

Hit Boy knows how to grab your attention, and even better is how well he can hold it. He's already a platinum-level producer for GOOD music and made arguably the biggest track of the year, putting out N****s in Paris for Kanye and Jay-Z. In this track, a big horn section blares a historic jazzy melody that inspired new and clever rhymes while reminding the world of the classic soul that made rap such a crucial contribution to the music industry ("I play my own drums and bass lines, you know me") . If you don't have the instrumental, you don't have anything, and if Kanye West calls you "the golden child," you must be a pretty big deal. The song tells the story of a guy with big dreams that went from behind the scenes to "courted by the bosses."

"I Got em tuned in like a Jay-Z interview."

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Recipe

The Recipe (Remix)

1/2 Cup Kendrick Lemar
1/2 Cup Dr. Dre
2 Cups of Twista
1 Pinch of Bass
2 Tablespoons of soulful vocals

Kendrick Lemar and Dr. Dre laid down the base track for Twista's remix of The Recipe. Smooth melodic vocals sprinkled over the drum kit kicks out the romatic flavor of R&B that is often overdone. Twista's method is classic, it's fast but it has flow, and his presence in the industry needs to be revived. A good track can be made great with his unique style, as too many rappers fall to the conformity of simply trying to "go hard." Twista does it right, playing off of the calming piano and strings that carry the song. It's important not to forget how beautiful rap can be.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Homies Still

Ladies and gentlemen, Wayne is back on the beat. No explanation required.

Crazy In Love Remix

Swing Republic, masters of the electro swing house movement in the UK, remixed Beyonce's Crazy In Love for an entirely new brand of soul. It takes the original down a notch for a more mellow and lighter sound. I always loved the original song, but this new twist is an interesting look at what Freshly Squeezed Music, the big label name in swing-house, is all about. Stay tuned for further investigations.

Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar has been making music for a long time now, and it's a shame that I'm only now discovering his genius. Swanky and upbeat, he takes sophistication of swing and weaves it together with dance beats. The big band horns and war-era vocals are reminiscent of a time when classiness and partying were fused together with liquor for a grand ol' time. This is his most recent track, Jimmy's Gang, off the album Princess. Electro swing has been utilized by artists like Gramatik and Pretty Lights, but never to such an extent as this.

This song, Chaimbermaid Swing, was used in the most recent Bacardi commercial, and is what sparked my interest in Stelar. Hopefully there is much more to come from this genre.

Catgroove seems to be the fan favorite.