Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Recipe

The Recipe (Remix)

1/2 Cup Kendrick Lemar
1/2 Cup Dr. Dre
2 Cups of Twista
1 Pinch of Bass
2 Tablespoons of soulful vocals

Kendrick Lemar and Dr. Dre laid down the base track for Twista's remix of The Recipe. Smooth melodic vocals sprinkled over the drum kit kicks out the romatic flavor of R&B that is often overdone. Twista's method is classic, it's fast but it has flow, and his presence in the industry needs to be revived. A good track can be made great with his unique style, as too many rappers fall to the conformity of simply trying to "go hard." Twista does it right, playing off of the calming piano and strings that carry the song. It's important not to forget how beautiful rap can be.

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