Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jay-Z Interview

Hit Boy knows how to grab your attention, and even better is how well he can hold it. He's already a platinum-level producer for GOOD music and made arguably the biggest track of the year, putting out N****s in Paris for Kanye and Jay-Z. In this track, a big horn section blares a historic jazzy melody that inspired new and clever rhymes while reminding the world of the classic soul that made rap such a crucial contribution to the music industry ("I play my own drums and bass lines, you know me") . If you don't have the instrumental, you don't have anything, and if Kanye West calls you "the golden child," you must be a pretty big deal. The song tells the story of a guy with big dreams that went from behind the scenes to "courted by the bosses."

"I Got em tuned in like a Jay-Z interview."

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