Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Living Dead

Zeds Dead teamed up with Omar Linx recently and the trio's new project, The Living Dead, is as filthy as a rotting zombie. Heavy dupstep roots take the levels lower and the drops come in hard. Many of the tracks include a full vocal track from Omar, but the title track kept it simple and used only one powerful verse. The emptiness of the intro is intentionally haunting, rolling in like the thick fog of a medieval horror story. Then at 1:32, the drop comes and sucks you into the darkness.

"We're the living dead, with our bloodshot eyes and our hearts of stone.
We're all that's left, and we all need rest but we won't go home.
We on our feet, where the beasts and the ghouls and the demons sleep.
Put it on repeat, keep the music going that's all we need.
We don't feel no pain, we just kill the night and we work all day.
We are the stars, come as you are, Kurt Cobain.
I never did afford a fame,
I just did it cuz I love it and I'm hard to change.
You can fool yourself but the monsters know when the lights are out and you're all alone like...


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